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BONBON KARLA d.o.o. reserves the right to modify the contents of this Website in any way, at any time and for any reason, and shall not be liable for any possible conse

Terms of Purchase


Buyer may or may not need to be registered at https://bonbonkarla.hr/ to make a purchase. When registering from the Buyer, it is required to enter an e-mail address and a password.


Ordering goods is possible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The goods are ordered exclusively by an electronic form – an internet store cart. The buyer may or may not have to be registered on the Seller’s website to make the order. However, the buyer is required to enter the contact details and addresses (own and delivery) to complete the order process. If the Seller is not able to deliver all the ordered items, they will deliver those who can, and in writing will notify the buyer within the communicated Buyer after the order has been made. If the buyer decides not to take charge of the ordered and sent item for subjective reasons, he / she is obliged to take over the cost of the delivery of the product.


When ordering items, the buyer will pay the seller a cashier upon receipt of the courier or credit card package, based on the buyer’s order. Credit Cards Accepted by American Express, Diners, MasterCard, Maestro and VISA. The American Express Card can be charged at rates according to the following conditions:

• It is possible to pay 6 installments free of charge for all cards

Purchase orders are only made after it has been determined that the ordered products are available in the Seller’s online store. In the case of credit card payment, the buyer fills out the billing form with the required funds, and the transaction is carried out after the vendor determines that the ordered products are available.


T-Com Pay Way applies state-of-the-art data protection standards – Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol with 128-bit encryption and MD5 algorithm. The ISO 8583 protocol ensures that data exchange between the T-Com system and the credit card authorization centers is carried out on a private network, which is protected from the unauthorized access to a double layer of firewalls.


Upon ordering the order, the buyer will receive notice that the order has been received and that the availability of ordered items is checked. After checking the availability of the item, the Buyer will be notified via e-mail if they are available. If he chose to pay a virgin, that email will be notified that he can make a payment, while paying for a credit card will be notified that the transaction (payment) has been made.


Delivery of the goods is done by express delivery of hpexpress Croatian Post, within 10 working days from the moment of confirmation of the availability of ordered items. The buyer is entitled to refuse to take over the shipment where there are visible external damage when picking up the shipment.

Goods are insured against delivery loss and if the Purchaser does not receive any notice or delivery from the Seller or the Delivery Service after 20 days of delivery of the order, he must notify the Seller that he may take action to find or send the Shipment. If the buyer refuses to try a courier contact and if it is not three times at the delivery address the shipment will be returned to the seller.


All orders within Europe have a fixed cost of € 15.00 or € 20.00 for delivery outside the borders of Europe.


According to EU rules, a trader has to repair or replace a commodity, lower its price, or return it if the goods you purchase are incorrect, does not look or function as shown in the ad. If you purchased goods or services online or offline (by phone, postal order or merchant), you have the right to cancel and return that order within 14 days for any reason and without any reason. This period of 14 days is also referred to as “Thinking Period”.

All products displayed on the web shop bonbonkarla.hr are unique products made by order. For this reason, the aforementioned “Thinking Period” does not apply to the purchase at the www.bonbonkarla.hr webshop




BONBON KARLA d.o.o. is responsible for the quality, that is, the actual factory error of the purchased products on the web shop https://bonbonkarla.hr/

If a buyer has remarks on purchased products, according to Article 10 paragraph 6 of the Consumer Protection Act, he / she has the right to send a written complaint to the seller as follows:

  • mail to the address of BONBON KARLA d.o.o. , Franje Žigrovića 5, 10 000 Zagreb
  • via e-mail info@bonbonkarla.hr

Please write the name, surname, address, contact and description of the complaint. Your complaint will be answered in writing within 14 days of receiving it.

BONBON KARLA d.o.o. answers to the material defects of purchased products in accordance with the Mandatory Relationship Act.


All buyers have the right to replace goods. Replacement of the goods is possible within 14 days of receipt of the shipment. You are required to make a replacement by e-mail with the content “REPLACE: NUMBER OF ORDERS” from the receipt of the shipment. In the email you need to explain whether you want to change the product for the same product of another size or color, or for another product from our offer.

The product then returns to our address within 2 business days of the approved application. When we find that the returned product is damaged and in the original packaging, we will make a replacement. If you change the product for a higher value product, you will first need to pay the difference to our account, and if less value we will return the money to your account. You must bear the actual costs of replacing the goods yourself.


BONBON KARLA d.o.o. it undertakes and warrants that in each particular case your personal data will be processed conscientiously and fairly with the application of appropriate protection measures in order to prevent the unauthorized disclosure and misuse of your personal data and in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (COP).

BONBON KARLA d.o.o. will not submit your personal information to a third party unless otherwise provided by law. Your personal information will be processed until the revocation of your consent, after which all of your data will be permanently destroyed.
Depending on the purpose of collecting and processing personal data, described below, BONBON KARLA d.o.o. you may be asked to provide the following information: name, last name, username, email address, home address, city, zip code, country, and telephone.

In the above cases, BONBON KARLA d.o.o. collects and processes your personal information solely on the basis of your consent.

We do not collect personal information just by visiting our web site, but only at your own subscription when ordering, registering for receiving a newsletter, answering a questionnaire or sending a query through a contact form.

You consent to the collection and processing of your personal information by filling out the specially provided forms for the services offered on the website and you may revoke it at any time in the manner described below.


In connection with the processing of your personal data, you have the following rights: to request access to data (insight, notice and issue of copy), correction, supplement, update and deletion of data as well as to revoke consent for processing your personal data, that is, at any time you waive from the date of the deposit and request termination of further processing of your information, to be informed by BONBON KARLA doo about the status of your request.

Based on your personal request you have the right to receive free information about your personal information that is stored. In addition, in accordance with Art. 21 of the Data Protection Act you have the right to oppose the processing of your personal data for marketing purposes.

As noted above, you are entitled to correct, supplement, disable and delete such personal information, if the data is incomplete, inaccurate or untimely, and if their processing is not in accordance with the law.

You may revoke your consent for collecting and processing your personal information at any time in any of the following ways:
by sending an e-mail to info@bonbonkarla.hr or
by sending a letter to BONBON KARLA d.o.o. , Franje Žigrovića 5, 10 000 Zagreb.

If you revoke your consent for personal data processing BONBON KARLA d.o.o. is obliged to permanently destroy all your data without delay and at the latest within 15 days of the receipt of the revocation.

In the event of unauthorized processing of personal data you have the right to initiate an appropriate procedure against BONBON KARLA d.o.o. before the competent authorities and in accordance with the applicable regulations in the Republic of Croatia.

Privacy Policy applies only to the use of the Website: https://bonbonkarla.hr/ and applies only to the territory of the Republic of Croatia and does not relate to the links that may contain these websites and which lead to other websites, and does not apply for the territories of other states. BONBON KARLA d.o.o.nije is responsible for the content or Privacy Policy of these web sites. If you find that these websites are leading to some third-party websites with inappropriate content or unfavorable Privacy Policy, please contact us and we will remove such links.


By visiting the site BONBON KARLA d.o.o.internet store you communicate electronically. By doing so, you agree that all agreements, notices, notices and other content submitted to you electronically comply with legal frameworks as if they were made in writing.


BONBON KARLA d.o.o. reserves the right to modify and update these Terms of Purchase. Any change to the Terms of Purchase will be posted on the BONBON KARLA d.o.o. internet store.

Secure Purchase

Internet users still do not feel secure when shopping online. This way we point out how we use the data we collect.

Croatian Consumer Protection Act;
www.bonbonkarla.hr web shop operates in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act, the law of the Republic of Croatia which protects the basic rights of consumers when purchasing products and services, as well as other forms of acquisition of products and services on the market: the right to protection of economic interests, the right to protection health and property rights, the right to consumer protection, the right to information and education of consumers, the right to associate consumers with the purpose of protecting their interests, and the right to represent the consumer and the consumer representative in the work of the bodies dealing with matters of interest.

Online dispute resolution

Pursuant to European Union Regulation no. 524/2013, www.bonbonkarla.hr web shop participates in solving consumer disputes, which customers can submit online through this link: https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr/main/index.cfm?event=main.home.chooseLanguage

High technical protection of retailers and customers

www.bonbonkarla.hr The web shop uses the Wspay system that uses the highest standards of data protection and privacy, and provides 3D protection to users with secure online shopping. Credit card numbers are not kept on the system, and their entry is protected by encryption of data.

T-COM Pay Way Safety Statement

T-Com Pay Way applies state-of-the-art data protection standards – Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol with 128-bit encryption and MD5 algorithm. The ISO 8583 protocol ensures that data exchange between the T-Com system and the credit card authorization centers is carried out on a private network, which is protected from the unauthorized access to a double layer of firewalls.

3D SecureCode service for a secure online purchase

You can find out more about Erste 3D SecureCode secure internet shopping service through this link:


We appreciate your interest in our website and we are protecting your privacy of extreme importance. The personal information we collect is all those data that are not normally available to the public and for which BONBON KARLA d.o.o. know your agreement during the use of the web store at https://bonbonkarla.hr/. The personal information we collect is your following identification information:
name and surname
e-mail address
home adress
phone number

BONBON KARLA d.o.o. undertakes to use your personal information solely for the purpose of identifying and providing a better service when using your web site www.bonbonkarla.hr. BONBON KARLA d.o.o. it undertakes to keep your personal information secretly and will not distribute, post, grant to third parties any use or otherwise make it available to any third party without your prior consent.

BONBON KARLA d.o.o. is committed to providing personal data protection by collecting only the essential, basic customer information necessary to meet our obligations; informing users of the way they use the collected data, regularly gives users the choice of using their data, including the ability to decide whether or not to remove their name from the lists used for marketing campaigns. All customer information is strictly kept and only accessible to employees who are required to do this. All employees of BONBON KARLA d.o.o. and business partners are responsible for adhering to the privacy principles.

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